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Everywhere the ensemble is welcomed with joy and hospitality, impresses and earns the hearts of the numerous audiences, applauded at all concerts, always announced as MAGNETIC DANCERS from Bulgaria.

The concerts leave breathless adults and youngs, which take wide open eyes and hearts steps and movements from the colorful Bulgarian folk dances and rhythms. With particular easiness and spontaneity, young dancers maintain the high degree of human emotions and fill the halls with that positive charge that is invisible to the eyes, which touches the soul and remains a deep and unforgettable memory of what has been seen and experienced.

Artistic career of the ensemble:

1993""Zlatna Trakia" Folk Ensemble is awarded with "Silver Palm" from the "Anadol Folklor" International Festival in Antalia, Turkey

1993"winner of the first prize for best choreography and performance from the "Karpatski vizerunki" International Festival in Lvov, Ukraine, and in 1997 - laureate of the first prize at the same festival

1995the ensemble wins the people's hearts and the first prize from the international Festival "Zaigraite nogi moi" in Novi Sad, Serbia

1997International Folklore Festival in Sardinia, Italy and wins the first prize for best performance

2000Successful participation in 1 international festivals in Turkey /Odrin/ and Greece /Orestiada - "Europe and Traditions"

2003Successful participation in 3 international festivals in Turkey /Odrin/ and won 2 golden medals for choreography and performance. And the same year the group won 2 first places in international festivals in Ukraine / Rovno, Lvov /

2004Successful participation in the 15th international festival in Poland

2005Successful participation in the child international festival in Turkey

2005Successful participation in the 10th international festival in Hungary

2006Successful participation in the "Festival international de danses folkloriques de Marcinelle" - Belgium

2006Successful participation in the festival in Luneville - France

2007Successful participation in the 15th International Children Festival of Karshiaka - Turkey

2007Tour in France and Belgium Festival Mondial de Folklor

2008II place of the 9th Sisli international Culture and Art festival in Istanbul, Turkey

2008Successful participation in Shatura and Moscow, Russia

2009Successful participation international children festival in Fethie, Turkey

2009Successful participation in International Folklore Festival "FOLKLORE BIZIAN 09" Galdakao, Spain

200934TH gathering of the children festival "JOY OF EUROPE" 2009 Beograd, Serbia

2009Successful participation 14th international folk festival "DERVENTA 2009" Bosna and Hercegovina


2010Tour in Portugal - participation in 3 internation folk festivals - Cantanhede, Carangueira and in Milhardo

2010Participation in Egera city, Spain.

2011Participation in the International children's festival, Aydin, Turkey

2011Successful participation in the International Folk Festival - XXII-nd edition In Baile Herculane and Timisoara, Romania

2012Successful participation in the 5 International festival Fethiye - the FIRST INTERNATIONAL LYKIA WORLD "GOLDEN SUN" DANCE COMPETITION

2013Successful participation in the 4th International Folk Festival Istanbul, Turkey

2013Successful participation in the 24th FESTIVAL DES FOLKLORES DU MONDE, France

2013Participation in dance festival in Pitesti, Romania

2014Successful participation in Folk Festival Antalya, Turkey

2014Successful participation in International Folk Meetings, Malopolska 2014, Myslenice, Poland

2015Participation in the I Internatıonal "Demre, Antalya 23 Nisan Children Festival", Turkey

2015Participation in festival in Shatura, Moskva, Russia

2015Participation in the 6th Europe Berry Touraine, Chatillon, France

2015Successful participation in the 52nd "Beskidy Highlanders" Week of culture the 26th International folk meetings, Poland

2017Magic participation in "Grand Horo of Brussels", Brussel

2017Participation in the festival "Ilidža", Bosna and Herzegovina

2017Successful participation in the festival "Fest’In Folk Corredoura 2017", Portugal

2017Successful participation in the 48th festival "JOY OF EUROPE" Serbia

2018Successful participation in the 20-th International Folk Dance Festival in Izmir, Turkey

2018Successful participation in the 61-вия International Folk Dance Festival "FACES OF TRADITION", Poland

2019Successful participation in the 9th Nyírség International Folk Dance Festival, Hungary

Концертите на ансамбъл "Златна Тракия" се превръщат във вълнуващ спектакъл, изпъстрен с красота и багри, наситени с весели, безгрижни детски усмивки и младежки темперамент.