25 March 2023

Folk   Ensemble
Zlatna   Trakia


Frequent Asked Questions

The child must be at least 5 years old to hold their attention and perceive the movements that are carefully demonstrated by the ensemble leader. This way, it will be able to truly enjoy the magic of Bulgarian folklore.
There is no age limit or restriction for those who wish to experience the beauty of Bulgarian folk songs and dances. The doors are always open to anyone who wants to try it.
The rehearsals of all groups take place in the large hall of the Military Club – Haskovo, city Haskovo (opposite "Zaria" community center)
Depending on the age, all the dancers are divided into different age groups. Rehearsals for the youngest ones last up to one astronomical hour, and for the older ones - from one and a half to two astronomical hours. All groups have twice weekly rehearsals on schedule.
Mandatory clean shoes (especially for the time spent in the dance hall), a belt, comfortable and appropriate dance clothes for the season, as well as a lot of zest, mood and desire, and big smiles.
To fall in love with Bulgarian folklore. Because lifelong friendships are built! For the leaders to teach him that dancing is not just movement, but life. To learn discipline, to be part of a team. To be part of the big ensemble family. To show on stage talent, desire, pride and respect to the Bulgarian.
Yes, when the dancer has sufficiently mastered the style of Bulgarian folk dances and manages to recreate represent learned on stage, in front of an audience, he will be an invariable part of every single festival of the ensemble, which turns into a fabulous journey. He will participate in international festivals, often of a competitive nature, winning prizes and being proud of what he has achieved.
Each concert, each dancer is dressed in different Bulgarian folk costumes, and thus the stage turns into a fairy-tale picture of a magical character, painted with colorful and bright colors of authentic costumes from all folklore regions of Bulgaria.

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